Art by Laura G. Dicus
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Classes and Workshops
with Laura Dicus

Laura is currently offering class and workshops at a new venue: the City of Poulsbo Parks & Recreation Department in Poulsbo, WA.
The online catalog contains quite a bit of classes/information. You may want to browse through the offering. If not I've created a tutorial for an easier way to sign up for the particular class you want.
The registration process is a litte convoluted so Laura has captured screen shots along with specific instruction.


How to register for classes and a few other details

Art Supplies
Miscellaneous Information


To register for any of Laura's art classes simply send an email to Laura with the name of the class as the subject of your email. There is a "register" link below each class description for your convenience.

Be certain to add Laura's email address to your address book so that your email program recognizes the email as valid.

You are also welcome to register by phone.


Once you have registered for a class you will need to send your deposit in order to reserve your space.
When your registration is confirmed you will receive information about class times, location and materials lists.

Several of Laura's classes are designed to be ongoing classes. Generally these classes are offered in 4 week segments, payable at the beginning of the next session. Laura does ask that you reserve your spot in the next session at least one week prior. There may be other students who are interested in your spot, or Laura may be considering adding another class. On occassion those of you with flexible schedules may be asked if you can adjust your class time.


Laura realizes that real life intrudes at times so offers make up sessions for those who miss a class. There is no extra charge for the make up class. She does ask that you inform her if you are not going to be able to make it to a class. Some students like to come on a drop-in basis. Knowing a seat will be available early enough to let someone sit in is appreciated.



Laura offers a special service to current students. Art supplies can be difficult to find here in Kitsap County. Laura frequently places order with Dick Blick and is more than happy to order supplies for you. Orders typically take two weeks to be delivered so it is a good idea to get your orders in early so there are no delays.

Previous students are welcome to inquire about materials that may be available, however current students' needs will take precedence in the event of limited stock. If we have plenty you are welcome to purchase your items from Laura's studio. It never hurts to ask.



Full materials kits are also available for most classes although some items can be difficult to order in a timely fashion. (See notes below) Many students chose to start with a minimal kit and that is fine. Laura tends to stock items that can be difficult to find for your convenience. You are welcome to take advantage of this but she wants to be clear you are under no obligation to purchase extra supplies. She does request your patience while other students are completing the purchase of their supplies. We do everything we can to limit any disruption to class.


In the event that an entire class session or workshop is cancelled we will do our best to re-schedule the class at the same time on the same day of the week.

If you wish to cancel your registration advanced notice is appreciated. If we are able to fill your spot we are more than happy to refund your deposit.







Just a note regarding Gatorfoam Board: the most popular size can be difficult to find and takes quite a bit of time to fulfill an order as the boards have to be taped and sealed (the off-gassing can be a big issue). We have experienced up to 2 month delays on Gatorfoam board. We are currently researching more reliable and affordable suppliers.



Another note about limited availablilty: Kolinski sable watercolor brushes are in very short supply due to a snaffu by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Until very recently the only company importing brushed into the US has been Rosemary & Co in the UK. In November 2015 Isabey is the only other manufacturer of Kolinski sable brushes available.






Some students tend to arrive for class a bit early. Laura will open 5 minutes prior to class and allows and extra 5 minutes after class for clean up and clarification. We do ask your understanding that our schedules can be a bit tight at times and to respect limitations as they occur. Thanks in advance.



Laura's studio is located in a residential neighborhood so we do request that if you park on the street that you park facing the correct direction and to not crowd or block others' driveways! People have actually gotten parking tickets before. You are more than welcome to park in the driveway.

Entrance to the studio is through the garage as the studio is on the ground floor. There's no sense in walking upstairs and back down again!


During three hour classes we request that food or drink be consumed outside of the studio. This is also Laura's working studio and the opportunity for spills, crumbs and subsequent bugs or mold can put her work and supplies at risk. Your understanding is appreciated.

We do have bathroom facilites available the residetial portion of the building. This is in "pup territory" so you will need to be ushered. Cancer also resides here so in the future it may become necessary to wear an anti-microbial mask when entering the residetial portion of the building. We do not anticipate this happen any time in the near future but feel it's best you are aware of this.
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this event is a long way down the road.


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