Art by Laura G. Dicus
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Welcome to Laura's Designs for Licensing Gallery!

The designs presented here are old-fashioned Victorian style. Laura developed this line for her line of Victorian Greeting Cards. She has changed her focus to fine art production and is offering these designs for licensing. High resolution images are available for each of these designs. The original works are also available in the event that you would need images for larger format production.

Licenses are available for a variety of products. Licenses are granted singly. If you are interesting in producing greeting cards, calendars and tee-shirts you would purchase 3 separate licenses. Exclusive-use licenses are also available for a fee. Regretabbly we do not sell individual copyrights outright.

Laura is continuing to add more designs to the Licensing Gallery on a regular basis. Check back often for exciting new changes! Feel free to contact Laura if you have questions or requests. We thank you for your patience.

Angel 11

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