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Terms of Use


  • All artwork published on this website,, is original artwork created solely by Laura G. Dicus.
  • All rights are reserved.


  • Images are available to use in publications and promotions but must be obtained directly from the artist.
  • Permission to use in other venues may also be granted. The requests must be made for each use, be received and granted in written form. Email does not constitute written permission to use.


  • Original artwork is available for licensing. For complete information please look at our licensing pages.


  • You may not use any image, graphic or page layout contained within this webiste for any reason whatsoever. This includes saving the page or images, redistributing the images, altering the images, offering the images for sale individually or as part of a collection or representing this work as your own.
  • Any violations of the above statements constitutes illegal activity and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Establishing a remote link to the images within this website is piracy. The server detects such links with up-to-date technology and prosecutes violations as band-width thievery.


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